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-::- Basics -::-
Name:Lilly (Lindsey)
Nicknames:Lilly, Olly, Linds, Lin
Location:St. Lazare
Hometown [ or where u were born ]:Hawkesbury, Ontario
righty or lefty:righty
zodiac sign:Cancer
-::- Appearence -::-
Hair:dark brown
Eyes:blue, sometimes green
Tattoos wanted:something Radiohead related
Piercings:4 earings
Piercings Wanted:2 more earing, lip/labret, eyebrow
-::- Love -::-
Special Someone:doesn't exist
Or are you just crushing someone:not really, "celebrities" yes
Do they know:hah, I don't think so
First kiss:Bryan Blalock
First love:Brian St. James
don't you just hate these kind of questions:not really
i do:thats too bad
so were moving on..:fine
-::- Friends -::-
Who are your four closest buddies:Mel, Matt, Laurie, Kevin
Most talented:Avril, Kev G, and we hear Sammy's quite talented in bed :P
Friendliest:Jacki K, Kevin N
Smartest:Meggie Fitz James
Most shy?:Andrea L
boy crazy:Mel
ghetto:Jackie F
Best singer:Kristina
known longest:Jenna
known shortest amount of time:Kate
want to know more:Kate, Sonia M, Sonia R, and many more
good taste in music:Kevin N, Matt, Kev G, Kate
most annoying:Agata lol
would you die for?:I'd take a bullet for Jenna
drama queen:Lisa
stuck up:I tend not to like stuck up folks
can you talk to about anything:Matt, Laurie, Sammy
-::- Favorites -::-
Food:shish taouk
Cd:I can't pick just one!
Song:Radiohead - True Love Waits
Actor:Viggo Mortensen
Actress:Liv Tyler
Movie:Life As A House
Thing in your room:my cd collection
tv show:Six Feet Under
shoe:my vans
outfit:band shirt, black pants, studded belt, red/black striped socks, and my vans
intrument:since I can't decide between guitar drums and bass, I'll go with the Ondes Martenot (bet ya never heard of that!)
restaurant:The Vivery
fast food:Amir
singer:Thom Yorke
car:these days...Audi TT
-::- Room -::-
Color Of walls:light blue
What color would you like them to be:darker blue
Anything on your walls?:yes
Whats on em?:pictures, posters, mirrors, candelabra, lights, calendar, magnet board, hooks, medicine cabinet...
Bedding:some old blanket and some old sheets
What you would like your bedding to be:black satin sheets and pillowcases, blueish metallic looking bedspread, lots of shiney throw pillows
Top three favorite things in your room:cd collection, dvd player, star lights
-::- Future -::-
Want to be married?:definitly
When?:ideally, when I'm 25
How about kids?:for sure
How many and names:2, Tristessa for a girl, and either Kieran, Liam, or Matthew for a boy
Job?:Teacher during the school year, on tour with bands as merch girl or something in the summer
Where do you see yourself in five years?:24, in Concordia, engaged lol
Ten years?:married, with my first child, living in MTL, teaching and touring
Fifteen Years?:same, but with another child, less teaching, more touring
-::- your opinion -::-
Bush:no comment
politics:can make me sick
labels:bad for people, useful on food
pop:can be good, can be annoying
punk/rock:my heart and soul!
rap:can be interesting
hip hop/r&b:can be fun to dance to
judgmental people:are everywhere
sluts:get more than i do
abortion:isn't great, but isn't always wrong
downloading music:good, because i go and buy the cd's if the songs are good, and delete the songs if they suck!
-::- Do you believe in..-::-
Love at first sight:yes
soul mates:yes
-::- Randomness -::-:my favorite
How many cd's do you own?:115, not including mixed cd's
If you had three wishes what would they be?:enough money to take care of my family, fall in love and marry a scruffy musician, be truly happy
If you could be with one person who would it be?:I used to know the answer...but things are different now
What are your fears?:spiders, drowning, being stabbed, blown up, or gassed (terrorist strikes)
Things that make you happy?:music, friends, Montreal, IKEA, good food
Whats one thing you couldn't live without?:M U S I C
If your house was on fire what three things would you grab?:my cd's, Bunny, and Scruffy
If you HAD to label yourself, what would it be?:strange
Aren't labels stupid?:on people i said, useful on food
What kind of music do you like?:rock n roll and punk mainly
You do drugs?:no longer
Always against your parents:no longer
If you could have anyone walk in the room RIGHT now who would it be?:haha Sam Roberts, so he can sing to me
okay who would you NOT want it to be?:my last ex, el dickhead
Who would you want to be cuffed to FOREVER?:Sam Roberts, apparently he's a fun guy
you like video games?:sure
What are three things on your desk?:candles, Irish flag, dress patterns
Bye!!! i'll miss you! :(:aww, how sweet

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