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This is a temporary segment, soon it will be better yeah, keep your pants on.

Your favorite moments in time:

Oh god! There's tons...When Jacki came up from Georgia. All the good times at the bar with Mel and the gang. Phone conversations with Maya during summer 2002 and the five year bet (lol). Pole dancing with Scott, Jacki and Steph on the metro at 1am. Seeing Radiohead from the front row with Steph summer 2003. The first time I saw Rancid back in 2001.

Back in grade 9 when Christina and Rachel got me drunk in the cemetary, and there were many squirrels! The snowball fights at the skating rink back in grade 10. Bryan Blalock's party June 1999. All the random stupid things that Jacki and I schemed up, such as sitting on lawn chairs in the sprinklers fully clothed with tea cups on our heads. And dancing in the rain on my driveway in Georgia with Jacki which convinced my father that we were on hard drugs lol.

Grocery shopping with Amy for "the crystal of plum sauces". Wandering around Montreal alone, listening to my music and watching people. Hudson talks with "Auntie" Jane. Steph J teaching us how to put up a mohawk lol. When we went to visit Matt at work and he sang like Shakira and scared the crap out of us. The first time I met Glaser, and his friend scared Maya when he told her to hide her joint down her shirt haha. The night Ag and I got drunk and decided to go to L'X, and since we were walking down the street holding hands and singing this hobo yelled at us, called us lesbians and told us we were going to hell *rofl*. Sophia's crazy parties.

The night Mel, Lisa, and I slept at Scott's house, and Karl walked in and got jealous, "shit my brother's a lucky guy". Mel and I dancing to "Dirty" for Scott. When Miki, Scott, Kevin, Lisa, and Becca came down to Hudson. Scott and Kevin running around naked in my backyard at 3am. Times with Laurie and DJ. The time Laurie had to hold me back from jumping the hot rocker with the Rancid patch at Subway. "Eating out in public" with Laurie, and all our dirty jokes. Oh god Angelo and the heavy flirting at Hurley's.

Teen centre sleepovers, especially the crazy one that involved beer, pot, and caffiene pills. When Dave yelled at Megan for saying he smelled. The sexy mody boy that was eating chocolate cake and drinking milk on the steps of Place des Arts. Adventures with Monika and Isabelle. Thursdays at McTaouk with Dahlal. Missions with Mel.

The clueless club in grade 5 with JenJen and Steph P. Walks with Cody. Drew's party when Mel and I got a little too drunk and decided it would be fun to punch the shit out of each other and she almost dislocated my jaw lol. The craziest times at Sandy beach. Times in the pit and at Soundwaves. Being with Brian! Canada Days.

Watching Steph try to play my guitar lol. Parties at Emily's house. Turning my sister into a pint-size fashion goth. When JenJen and I invaded the buffet at my sister's dance recital.