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Lilly's Blog


Over the course of anyone's life time, a person is bound to be asked the question, "So, tell me about yourself." How one answers this question is an individual thing. How does Lilly answer this question? She makes a webpage and writes a frickin novel :P

Some people have commented on the fact that I have many personalities. Well, I say it's not so much different personalities as moods and environments that make me so different from one day, or even one moment, to the next. I'm a girl with a lot of interests, and assorted facial expressions. It makes for interesting conversations at the least :P

I'm big into the music. I don't play any instruments (yet), but I have a tendency to get absolutely obsessed with bands. For the last 3 years it's been solidly Radiohead as my number one band. Rancid follows close behind, and these days, Sam Roberts has jumped up to spot number three. I love going to shows and blowing tons of money on merch. To me it's the best investment. My musical obsession has led my father to believe that I am "lazy and uncommited". But when it comes to music, I'm sooo there.

I have an interest in all things pretty, which has led to my obsession with IKEA and decorating in general. I spend uber cash at IKEA decorating my room. I have fairly large room, as anyone who's been over knows, so it can be kind of scary to run out of room! But it's slowly coming to that. I love posters, particularly Radiohead posters, as they are beautiful works of art, and, well, I'm running out of wall space too!

It's no secret. I have a Montreal obsession. I'm a proud Canadian, and almost even more proud to be near the city of Montreal. It's just the best place on earth to me. One day I'm going to have an apartment downtown, and it will be gorgeously decorated ŕ la IKEA, and I'll be able to go to as many shows as I want since I'll be close. I can go watch hockey games at the bars, and go out for meals with friends. And the shopping...oh gosh the shopping! This is my ideal 20somethings lifestyle. And I'm almost 20, so I'd better get cracking!

This page is a work in progress!